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Kanpur Violence The people involved in the procession used to ask names and then Brutally Beat them, they were saying that they will kill Hindus-

The injured rickshaw driver Mukesh said, ‘I was bringing a rickshaw on the road. They stopped me, first my name was asked, as soon as I told my name as Mukesh, they started hitting. Meanwhile, Mukesh’s wife started telling that there were 2-3 thousand men in the procession.

Shopkeeper Abhishek Gupta told, ‘They had planning from yesterday itself. After the Friday prayers, a procession of 4 to 5 thousand people came. A piece left. The boys coming behind were saying that today they will cut them. The police stood watching the spectacle. To save ourselves, we people and even the women here fought. Bullets were also being fired from the mosque.

Jugal Kishore Kashyap said, ‘I am a resident of Unnao. Nanihal had come with a rented car. When we came, their procession was going on. As soon as we put the car on the side, the stones started coming. Wife, children, daughter-in-law and mother-in-law were also with me in the car. We somehow escaped, could not even take out the luggage. broke my car. The stone pelters also robbed the jewelery and bags worth 70 thousand kept in my car.

A woman running a butter, milk and spice cart on the road said, ‘I was standing near my handcart. Those people came and dragged my husband away. My wheelbarrow broke. When the son went to save the husband, he also dragged him and killed him. When I folded my hands crying, she left her husband.

Two shopkeepers standing on the road, who were injured, said, ‘First of all, this crowd gathered in Tejbagh, then we came to know that after the Namaz, there was a ruckus at the orphanage crossroads. In the beginning, a crowd of some people came and abusing us got the shops closed. Then their crowd grew. They were walking in a crowd. He had black bands in his hand.

All the people standing with the shopkeepers said, ‘The rioters used acid bottles, grenades, also fired. The SO sahib here came after an hour, you guys told us not to speak and disappeared from there. We kept quiet and we were beaten up. The police did not appear during the entire incident.

Violence in Kanpur: CM Yogi called a meeting late at night, said – gangsters will be charged on miscreants
There was a ruckus in the Bekanganj area of ​​Kanpur on Friday after Friday prayers. President Ram Nath Kovind, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Governor Anandiben Patel and CM Yogi Adityanath were participating in a program 50 km from here. Police of 12 police stations were deployed to control the miscreants. 18 people involved in the incident have been arrested.

UP Police’s ADG Law and Order Prashant Kumar said that as soon as the information was received, the police reached the spot and controlled the situation. 12 company PACs have been dispatched on the spot. At the same time, Leader of Opposition Akhilesh Yadav questioned the violence and called Intelligence a failure. On the other hand, FIR is being prepared against Hayat Hashmi, the head of Johar Fans Association.

Virtual meeting of CM Yogi from Gorakhpur, said bulldozer will run at the house of miscreants

After the visit of President Ram Nath Kovind in Kanpur countryside, CM Yogi reached Gorakhpur directly. Late on Friday night, he held a virtual meeting on the law and order of UP. UP officials were in this meeting. Gangster Act will be imposed on miscreants. Bulldozers will be run by marking the properties.

At the same time, the CM expressed displeasure. Violence will be investigated in the presence of the President and the PM. At the same time, action was also indicated against some officers. This investigation report has been summoned by the CM.

Protest over controversial remarks on Prophet Muhammad

In fact, BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma commented on Prophet Mohammad in a TV debate, which angered the people of the Muslim community. The people of the Muslim community were closing the market near the Sadbhavna outpost of the Yatimkhana. Then people of two communities came face to face, after which stone pelting took place.

The ruckus also happened because, during the Friday prayers, in most mosques it was said that they would not tolerate any remarks made on the Prophet. At the same time, Muslim organizations also called for a market bandh. Police did not allow people to protest after Namaz in any area. However, people came out on the streets.

nuisance lasted for 4 hours in kanpur city

About one thousand people gathered at the parade intersection. After the riots started, the situation quickly became uncontrollable. The police were unable to take action by entering the narrow streets. However, the situation came under control after the disturbance which lasted for about 4 hours. Police have detained 18 miscreants. At the same time, on the Kanpur riots, CM Yogi Adityanath said that strict action will be taken against the miscreants. No one will be spared.

First of all there was stone pelting in Chandresh’s hand.

After the Friday prayers, the people of the Muslim community came to the market of the Yatimkhana. There was pressure to close the shops. People of other religions were forbidden from closing the shop. Some chaotic elements involved among the Namazis first entered Chandresh’s hand and pelted stones.

After that the atmosphere deteriorated. The chaotic elements involved in the crowd also fired with pistols. After getting information about this, Police Commissioner Vijay Singh Meena, Joint Commissioner Anand Tiwari also reached the spot. The police fired several rounds to control the people. People were driven into the streets by lathi-charge. Still people kept on pelting stones intermittently. The police have cordoned off the entire area. At present, there is an atmosphere of tension in Kanpur. Around 7 people were injured in this stone pelting. Those who have been admitted to the hospital.

Electricity cut in the ruckus area

After this ruckus, an alert has been issued in UP. Police patrolling has been increased especially in areas with mixed population. Late evening after the ruckus in Kanpur

Police and administration officials conducted flag march. Around 8 o’clock in the night, the electricity of New Road, Yatim Khana, Beconganj was also cut off.

Congress, SP issued statements, did not say anything in favor of Hindus

Leader of Opposition Akhilesh wrote, “The unrest in Kanpur, due to the provocative statement given by BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma, due to the failure of the police and intelligence apparatus, despite being in the city of Your Excellency President, Prime Minister, Chief Minister. BJP leader should be arrested for that. We appeal to all to maintain peace.

The Congress wrote on Twitter, ‘The incense that the BJP has raised in the form of mob system is now showing its colours. How serious is it that the President, Prime Minister and Chief Minister of the country are all in Kanpur, even after that violence broke out there. The rule of law is over in UP. Appeal to the general public to please maintain peace.

Irfan Solanki, SP MLA from Sisamau assembly seat said – Police gave air to the matter. This incident is condemnable.

Bajrang Dal leader Prakash Sharma and VHP leader have also reached the spot. Prakash Sharma said – Some special people have a hand in spoiling the atmosphere.

After the violence, there was silence in the market

Let us tell you that the Johar Fans Association and other Muslim organizations had appealed to the Muslim community to keep the business closed on Friday. Since Friday morning, markets were kept partially or completely closed in Chamanganj, Beganganj, Talaq Mahal, Colonelganj, Hiraman Purwa, Dalel Purwa, Meston Road, Babu Purwa, Rawatpur and Jajmau. At the same time, after this ruckus, there was silence in the rest of the markets of Kanpur. As a precautionary measure, police patrolling has also been increased in other markets of the city. So that, violence can be kept confined to one area.

Sealed the area by putting barricading

Police Commissioner Vijay Singh Meena said that we have photos and videos. Gangster action will be taken against the rioters. Their properties will be confiscated. The stone pelters are being identified with the help of CCTV. Rapid Action Force has been deployed to control the rioters. Areas have been sealed by putting barricades

Posters were pasted everywhere

The role of ruckus was being made since morning. Posters were pasted all over the market. WhatsApp messages were being sent to keep the shop closed. But the alert was not issued by the local intelligence.

People of two communities clashed with each other after Friday prayers in Bekanganj area of ​​Kanpur. People started pelting bricks and stones at each other. A senior police officer said – There was also firing there. Many people have their heads broken and injured. Within no time the violence erupted so much that Prashant Kumar, ADG Law and Order of UP Police had to send 12 companies of PAC personnel to the spot.