What happened as soon as beggar remembered his existence, Hindus should learn from this story

What happened as soon as Beggar remembered existence, Hindus should learn from this story
A king got angry twenty years ago
to his fifteen-year-old only son
was expelled from the country for his bad conduct
When the king became old, he remembered his son, as it was, it was his own blood.
Now who will handle this state?
He sent his ministers around to find that son
The king’s son became confused because of not knowing anything else.
used to beg in the neighboring state
He had forgotten to be his prince because of begging for twenty years.
There were dirty clothes torn, the beard had grown, the cheeks were puffy
Eyes were sunken, hair was tangled
The heels were torn, the vein was bulging
helplessly nervous with a broken bowl in his hand
He looked at each passer-by with a hopeful look at a crossroads.
but no one was looking at him
A minister’s chariot passed through the same crossroads from Devyog
When the eyes of the minister and the prince met, a lightning struck
the minister called him to him
He approached the minister with a fright
On the orders of the minister, the soldiers grabbed his wrist.
and cleaned the dirt with a cloth
there the royal sign began to shine
immediately the whole scene changed
The soldiers panicked and fell at their feet.
The minister also immediately got down from the chariot and said
hail prince
look what a miracle happened
Waist tightened chest swelled eyes started shining
The face started glowing, the veins started twitching and the current ran in the body.
Now all those who come look at him
but he doesn’t see anyone
The bowl went here, who knows there now?
jumped on the chariot and said sternly
arrange our bath
As soon as he remembered that he is a prince, what is his own existence, then he saw
Everything is over?
This is the condition of Hindus, they started considering themselves as slaves while suffering from slavery and today knowing their glorious history Hindu , too are the heirs of their empire by becoming King .

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