Hindu organizations of India appeared to stand with Russia

The fighting between Russia and Ukraine has become very serious. Russia’s army has killed many people in the attack on Ukraine, including 133 people, including 10 army officers.

Let us also tell you that despite the attack of a big power powerful country like Russia, Ukraine hopes that NATO countries especially Turkey and America will help it.

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, has received news that the President himself has reached the front of the war, is visiting the areas. The Russian army has carried out attacks, pictures of Zelensky are going viral on social media.

In which he looks like a soldier, according to reports, Russian attacks have started in the Ukrainian capital at 4:00 am local time on Friday.

Fire was seen raining from the sky, meanwhile America said that they have given a stern warning to Russia. NATO has said that it has been strongly condemning the attack by Russia.

The same Ukraine claims that the Russian army has suffered a lot, and they have destroyed many tanks.

NATO says that Russia is using its power and it is a violation of international rules, then Russia will have to bear the brunt of it.

It is clear to the world that Russia does not want Muslims to enter its country and destroy the Russian civilization.

Muslims enter Europe through Turkey and Turkey helps them in this. Russia fears that these Muslims will now enter Russia through Ukraine.

And will destroy its civilization and culture.

You must be aware that Russia has fought a very long war for the elimination of ISIS, due to which its economic condition has also weakened.

And here it has to be noted that if Ukraine becomes a member of European Union and NATO and European fully supports Muslim, then as seen Turkey gives safe passage to people disguised as Muslim refugees, so that Muslim to enter Europe.

Turkey pushes Muslims further into European countries, the situation has become such that the population of some countries in European countries is very less.

Due to which these Muslims reach there and after that they start demanding the implementation of Sharia law and start a movement for hijab and other things, this threatens to end cultural nationalism in many countries.

Britain has also come to be known as Londonistan nowadays, because there has been such a large population of Muslims in East London that it has become very difficult for Christians and people of other religions to live there.

There a petrol is run like it is called Saria Patrol, he treats women very badly and instructs them to wear hijab, and if any other Christian person is seen there then Sharia Patrol says. Is.

That we are petrol and this is the area of ​​​​Muslims, you go away from here, now it is a matter of knowing that Russia keeps a close watch on everything.

Russia has started to feel that when a country like Britain is also becoming Londonistan, then Russia’s culture and its nationalism and its own civilizational culture should not be destroyed.

Keeping all these things in mind, Russia asked Ukraine to keep its borders sealed and stop sending Muslim refugees through Ukraine in the future.

Overall, it is a matter of cultural nationalism, so the Hindu masses of India are seen standing with Russia.

Because he is also fighting to save his civilization and culture and Russia is also fighting to save his civilization and culture.