Why should you never refrigerate these common foods..

Refrigerator is undeniably the most useful and efficient kitchen appliance as you can stock up veggies, fruits, eggs, chocolates, breads and what not! It is a mini pantry that keeps the food fresh for days and months, but did someone ever tell you not to refrigerate certain foods? While this may sound absolutely bizarre, but there are foods that you should never-ever refrigerate, here’s why..

​Tomato ketchup and soy sauce

These two popular condiments have been the quintessential elements of our refrigerator shelves, but have you ever thought why they need to be refrigerated? Well, it has been a myth that we have been following for decades. This is because ketchup, soy sauce and other condiments are laced with additives, preservatives and vinegar, all these ingredients are enough to retain the freshness of your condiments even without refrigeration.

​Herbs and spices

We often put fresh produce inside the refrigerator to increase shelf life and retain the fresh crisp texture, but you will be surprised to know that putting green herbs inside a refrigerator can wilt them faster. So, the best way to retain their texture is by taking a glass jar full of water and putting them in it and letting them adapt the natural moisture from the air and remain fresh. Spices also don’t need any refrigeration as this can impact the flavour and texture.


Refrigerating tomatoes may end up impacting their taste and texture. Yes, refrigerating tomatoes may result in losing their flavour and turning them mushy. However, if you want to keep them fresh, then clean and store them in a paper bag, this way the tomatoes can last upto 3-4 days.

​Breads and bakes

We often refrigerate breads and bakes to keep them fresh, but this may be the reason why breads lose their moisture and your sandwiches taste dry. It is absolutely safe to keep bread on a kitchen table or a bread box, this retains the soft, fluffy texture but freezing the bread loses its real texture.


Onions are crisp and flavorful, but putting them in the freezer can not only spread the smell and make other veggies and foods smell like onions. Also the moisture can lead to development of molds and lead to faster rotting.