Ukraine. 200 hours of war-

The main thing – everything that has been happening since February 24 – is not a “special military operation”, but a full-fledged war of Russia against Ukraine. War with the use of aircraft, missiles and artillery.

War on war crimes.Russia launched an aggressive operation against Ukraine eight years ago, seizing Crimea and fanning the flames of war in the Donbas. In February 2022, Vladimir Putin showed everyone his own plans: he wants to dismember Ukraine.

Talks about denazification are an outright delusion: in Ukraine, the Nazis killed millions of Ukrainians during World War II.The Kremlin was preparing for this aggression, but the United States, NATO, and the EU did not believe the fabrications of Russian propaganda about Ukraine’s intentions to seize the so-called people’s republics of Donbas.

However, Russia is still betting on lies.How do you remember those 200 hours of war?

– The courage and dedication of Ukrainian defenders, who thwarted the plans of the Russian aggressors and did not allow the blitzkrieg.

– Consolidation of Ukrainian society around the idea of ​​defending their state.- More than 20 Ukrainian children died, more than 60 were injured.

– More than a million citizens of Ukraine became refugees, hundreds of thousands left for the European Union.- Kharkiv – the largest Russian-speaking city in Ukraine – was subjected to barbaric artillery and missile attacks by Russian troops.- More than 40 civilians died on March 3 in Chernihiv as a result of the Russian strike.

– Russian troops captured the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in the exclusion zone and the largest in Europe Zaporozhye nuclear power plant, having previously fired on it.

– More than 9000 Russian servicemen were killed, hundreds were taken prisoner, Ukrainian defenders destroyed dozens of aircraft and hundreds of units of armored vehicles and vehicles of the Russian army.

– Ukraine has applied for membership in the European Union, which was approved by the European Parliament.- Thousands of foreign volunteers go to Ukraine to fight the Russian aggressors.

– Russia has drawn Belarus into aggression against Ukraine, Russian troops are coming from its territory and cruise missiles are being launched.

– Western sanctions against Russia have become unprecedented, the aggressor country is gradually becoming the world’s largest gray area, where Western corporations do not operate.

– Russian oligarchs are rapidly losing their capital.- Vladimir Putin is blackmailing the world with nuclear weapons.

– Two rounds of talks between the representatives of Russia and Ukraine ended in vain.- Although no one can say for sure when this war will end, it is obvious that it will significantly change Europe and the world.

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