Fact Check Shraddha Walker is a Christian girl and Aftab is a Muslim boy – Shraddha Walker Murder Case

(Rakesh Pandey) Shraddha Walker’s father’s name is Vikas Walker- Vikas Walker. Vikas is a person coming from a Koli community who accepted Christianity and took his name as Vikas Walker. Shraddha Walker is the daughter of Vikas Walker, so please those who are spreading this misconception that Shraddha Walker is a Hindu girl stop spreading.

Shraddha Walker is a Christian girl and Aftab is a Muslim boy, see it in the same way it should be seen, although showing empathy towards Shraddha Walker cannot be blamed from anywhere, but Shraddha Walker is being promoted as a Hindu. It can’t be said much better Fact Check Shraddha Walker is a Christian girl and Aftab is a Muslim boy.

Love is a beautiful feeling, but the murder of Shraddha Walker in Delhi has made it scary. A girl from Mumbai fights with her parents for her lover, but she gets death.

Police arrested Aftab Amin Poonawala, who killed his 27-year-old live-in partner Shraddha Walker on May 18, about five months ago in Delhi.

The accused is 28 years old and a resident of Mumbai. According to the police, Aftab killed Shraddha Walker and cut her body into 35 pieces and threw them in different areas of Delhi.

Shraddha Walker, 27, used to work in a call center in a multinational company in Mumbai. There Shraddha Walker met Aftab Amin. Then both started liking each other and they started living in live-in relationship. When the family came to know about this relationship, they started protesting. Both were live-in partners for about three years.

After opposition from the family, Shraddha Walker and Aftab suddenly left Mumbai. After that he started living in Chhatarpur area of ​​Mehrauli, but in the meantime Shraddha Walker’s phone number started getting switched off. On November 8, 59-year-old Vikas Madan Walker lodged an FIR for the kidnapping of his daughter at the Mehrauli police station in Delhi.

Shraddha Walker’s father told that he lives in Palghar, Maharashtra along with his family. On November 8, when he reached Shraddha Walker’s flat in Chhatarpur, where the daughter lived on rent, he found the door of the flat locked. Then he reached the Mehrauli police station and lodged an FIR with the police.

When the police took Aftab into custody from his flat, he was continuously saying that the girl is not here, the girl had left many months ago. On strict questioning, Aftab told that Shraddha Vakar often pressurized him to get married. There used to be a fight between the two on this.

On May 18, during a quarrel, he strangled Shraddha to death. After this, the dead body was cut into many pieces with chapadar and thrown in different areas of Delhi. He has also confessed that he used to leave the flat every night at 2 am and kept throwing the body parts at different places for 18 days.

After the murder, Aftab read the method of cleaning the blood and the structure of the body on Google and then cleaned the flat with chemicals. After this, the dead bodies were cut and brought a big 300 liter fridge to keep the dead bodies. He used to burn incense sticks so that the stench of the dead body does not spread in the house. Aftab has taken chef’s training, so he is aware of how the pieces are made.

Police said that they have seized Aftab’s electronic gadgets and it will be thoroughly investigated. After verifying the gadgets and Google search history, the police can establish Aftab’s confession.

Shraddha Walker, who was killed at the hands of Aftab, had expressed apprehension of her murder even once before. This disclosure has been made by Laxman Nadar, a friend of Shraddha Walker. Laxman told that Shraddha used to live in Mumbai at that time. Then friends went and took him out of Aftab’s house and also warned Aftab. At that time no complaint was lodged with the police because Shraddha Walker refused to go to the police.