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Bijnor – Suspicious Muslim PFI members wearing saffron safa broke the conspiracy to spread riot-Video-Inside

UP News: By tying saffron safa, two youths ransacked three tombs, there was a conspiracy to spoil the atmosphere

Bijnor. An attempt was made to disturb the communal atmosphere during the Kanwar Yatra in Bijnor district of Uttar Pradesh. By tying saffron safa, two SEZ Muslim brothers ransacked and set fire to the tomb of three Pir Babas hundreds of years old. However, due to the understanding of the DM and the SP, the city’s mood was saved from deteriorating. The police have arrested both the real brothers, whom the police officers are questioning intensively. Both the arrested brothers are residents of Sherkot area of ​​Bijnor.

An incident involving an attempt to disturb the communal atmosphere has come to light in Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh. On Sunday evening, two real Muslim brothers created such an orgy on Jalal Shah Mazar, Qutub Shah Mazar and Bhure Shah Mazar in the district that the communal atmosphere kept getting worse and worse. The police have arrested both the accused Kamal and Adil. Both these brothers, wearing saffron safas, ransacked the tombs, burnt the sheets and turned them into heaps of ashes. At present, the SP and DM of Bijnor district are camping in Sherkot.

Wearing saffron, Muslim youth vandalized

This incident is unique in itself and makes people think. Communal incidents have been coming to the fore in the country for the past several days. In such a situation, this incident is special because here only Muslim youths have attacked their place of worship.

While attacking both the brothers were wearing saffron safa. In which prima facie it was felt that this incident was carried out by Hindu youths. But after the arrest it came to light that this orgy was created by Muslim youths.

Was there a conspiracy to burn the country in communal fire once again? Is the only mission of these people to cause repeated riots in India?

The tomb was damaged 50 meters away from the police station

Bhure Shah Mazar, Jalal Shah Mazar and Qutub Shah Mazar located in Sherkot of Bijnor were damaged by these two brothers.

The incident took place on 24th July evening. The Istqbal of these conspirators was so high that they did not even fear the police station because Qutub Shah Mazar is located only 50 meters from the police station and Jalal Shah Mazar is only 200 meters away.

In order to spoil the taste of the district, both of them created a ruckus and vandalized the shrines of their own religion.

The whole matter is of Sherkot area of ​​Bijnor, where on Sunday evening, two real brothers Adil and Kamal wearing the clothes of Hindu religion went on destroying hundreds of years old Dargah Bhure Shah Baba and Jalalshah Baba and third Qutub Shah’s tomb. Not only this, both the vicious brothers set all the sheets on the tomb to the fire. In the preliminary investigation of the police, it has been found that with the intention of spoiling the atmosphere, both the brothers carried out the crime by wearing saffron colored cholas.
Bijnor is a Muslim dominated area, fire could have started

According to a report, about 44 percent of the population in Bijnor is Muslim. There are many areas in Bijnor which are Muslim majority.

If the police had been a little negligent, then it would not take long for this incident to spoil the atmosphere of Bijnor. Anyway, for the last several months, almost the entire North India including Rajasthan, UP, Jharkhand has been burnt in the fire of religious riots many times. The vigilance of the police has to be praised or else this incident could have proved to be petrol in the fire of violence across the country.

With the understanding of the local people and the promptness of the police, the immediate arrest
When the local people saw this despicable act of these brothers, they immediately informed the police. Realizing the seriousness of the matter, the police immediately took action and went to the spot and arrested both of them.

On information, District DM Umesh Mishra and SP Dinesh Singh took information and brought the situation under control. The police is currently interrogating both the conspirators. During interrogation, it is being ascertained that what was the reason for this sabotage and whether it was a big conspiracy. It is certain that if these two brothers had not been caught, then the condition of the district would have been different.

Repair of broken tombs started

When both the brothers were carrying out the crime, some passers-by saw them vandalizing the tomb. Due to which, in a hurry, Bijnor DM and SP reached the spot-e-incident and brought the situation under control and immediately started the repair work on the three broken tombs. Simultaneously, the police arrested both the accused brothers.

family told mental patient

SP Dinesh Singh said that around 4.30 pm on Sunday evening, information was received about sabotage at Jalal Shah Mazar in Sherkot area. When the police immediately reached the spot, it was reported that Bhure Lal Shah’s tomb has been vandalized in Ghosiyawala village. After this, when the police reached the spot, it was found that two brothers, Mohammad Kamil and Mohammad Adil, had vandalized. After that both have been arrested. Although the family says that both are mentally ill.