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Adil Chaudhary, revenge will be taken after returning to power.

In Uttar Pradesh, the political temperature is on the rise in the midst of the assembly elections. Leaders are visiting a lot and door-to-door campaign is also going on.

Meanwhile, the round of accusations and counter-accusations of the leaders against each other is also going on. In the midst of all this, the bad words of the leaders are also being heard.

Now a similar statement has come to the fore of Samajwadi Party’s candidate from Meerut South, Adil Chaudhary, in which he is heard talking about taking revenge.

A video of Adil Chaudhary has surfaced, in which he is heard explaining to some people in a closed room that his government is going to be formed and then everyone will be selectively avenged.

Adil Chaudhary, SP candidate from Meerut South, is heard assuring the people present in the room and his voters that revenge will be taken after returning to power.

He said, ‘Inshallah will selectively take revenge from them, will not leave them, our government is coming.’ The clarification given after the controversy over the statement This video of SP leader is creating political ruckus, which BJP has strongly opposed.

BJP leader Shalabmani Tripathi has shared this video. Many BJP leaders have targeted Adil Chaudhary, the SP candidate from Meerut South, regarding this.

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A complaint has also been given against him in the police, after which it was said by the Meerut police that they are investigating whether the statement of the SP candidate violates the rules related to elections.

At the same time, after the uproar over the statement, the SP candidate from Meerut South assembly seat has given a clarification and said that his statement was presented in a wrong way. He did not make any threat, but only meant that the people would take revenge on the BJP, because it has not done any development work.

Adil Chaudhary had contested from Meerut South seat in 2012 on SP ticket, but he lost the election. In 2017 it went to the account of Congress and SP fought this election in alliance with Congress. Now once again Adil Chaudhary is in the fray from Meerut South assembly seat.