NO TO Hijab: Arya women open front in Iran against hijab, making video in open hair

NO TO Hijab: These days Iranian women have come out on the streets for their rights. The reason for this is the hijab law here.
Tehran. On the occasion of Hijab and Purity Day in the Islamic country of Iran, women registered their protest by throwing the hijab in public places.

According to Iran’s state news agency, Iranian women took part in an anti-hijab campaign across the country on Tuesday, where they took off the hijab and made videos. Women fiercely disobeyed Iran’s strict law on wearing hijab.

This law was introduced in Iran after the 1979 Islamic Revolution. According to the law, it is mandatory for all women over the age of nine to cover their hair in public. The government has given the responsibility of implementing the law effectively to the army.

Amidst the protesting women, the government broadcast a video on a government channel in which 13 women were shown dancing in green hijab. Wearing green hijab and long white robe, women explained the importance of hijab through Quranic verses. However, the video has been heavily ridiculed on social media.

The anti-hijab social media campaign was led by American activist Masih Alinejad. Before the protest, Masih Alinejad had already announced the protest by tweeting.

He wrote on Twitter that tomorrow Iranian women will shake the Islamic regime by removing their hijab and will take to the streets across Iran to say #No2Hijab. This is called women’s revolution. #WalkingUnveiled is a crime in Iran. Iranian men will also join us.

Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi, backed by the country’s very conservative religious class, has called opposition to the growing hijab law an organized propaganda of moral corruption in Islamic society. At present, the Iranian government does not seem ready to relax any of this law.

NO TO Hijab: There is a protest in Iran regarding the hijab. Women have taken to the streets in protest against the hijab. He is taking off his mask and making a video. According to Iran’s state news agency, the women are protesting the Islamic Republic’s strict rules by posting videos of them removing the hijab. According to Iranian law, women are required to cover their hair in public. The authorities in the country declared July 12 as ‘Hijab and Chastity Day’. Women opposed this.

women throwing off the hijab

Videos are being shared on social media, in which men along with women are expressing their protest against the law. In the video, women are seen throwing away scarves and shawls. Many women are walking around in open hair without hijab.

The government tried the trick

The Iranian government has instructed security forces to make the hijab mandatory. The army is making strenuous efforts to make the hijab mandatory. However, despite all this, women’s protests are increasing. On Tuesday, the government tried a new trick to stop women. State television broadcast a video of the hijab and chastity ceremony. It showed 13 women in green hijab and white clothes. Those women were reading verses from the Quran. This video was heavily trolled on social media.