Journalist-Priest Murder: Jungle Raj Returns to Bihar-

As soon as it was out of power in Bihar, the Bharatiya Janata Party has made a big allegation on the state government. Party’s national spokesperson Sambit Patra held a press conference on Friday regarding law and order in Bihar. He said, as soon as the BJP government is removed in Bihar, chaos is spreading rapidly.

He said, gang-rape of a 12-year-old girl in district West Champaran, robbery in broad daylight at a businessman’s house in Muzaffarpur, six people died again today due to spurious liquor, besides two journalists were shot dead on August 10 and 11 and A priest was murdered by slitting his throat in Bettiah. All these incidents show that Jungle Raj Returns has happened in Bihar. He said, there is an orgy of theft, snatching, murder, rape, robbery in the whole of Bihar. Jungle Raj is back in Bihar

Questions raised on 10 lakh jobs also

Sambit Patra also raised questions on Deputy Chief Minister Tejashwi Yadav’s promise of 10 lakh jobs. He said, Tejashwi Yadav had said in 2020 that if we come, we will give 10 lakh jobs. When he was asked that now you have come, what will happen to 10 lakh jobs? So Tejashwi Yadav is seen saying that look, we have not become the Chief Minister yet, I had said that when we become the Chief Minister, we will give a job. Patra said, it is with great sadness that I have to say that this is the story of me, that means I will become then, nothing will happen to us. BJP has been fighting continuously against this family and will continue to fight even further.
Kejriwal also attacked

BJP leader Sambit Patra also attacked Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal. Questioning the Revdi culture, he said, working for the economically weaker section comes under the purview of ‘profits’. Free means short term profit. This only benefits Arvind Kejriwal and his party.

Kidnapping… Ransom and crime… Even today the word Jungle Raj comes out of the tongue of a leader, then a tainted picture of 15 years old Bihar emerges in people’s mind. That period of Jungle Raj in Bihar did a lot of damage to both the image and progress of Bihar. But under Nitish Kumar’s 15 years of good governance, Bihar has managed to come out of that bad phase.

Story of ‘Jungleraj’ (Scam)

Along with crime, scams were also at its peak during the regime of Lalu and Rabri. Lalu Yadav’s fodder scam was also stamping the allegations of Jungle Raj. In the name of fodder for pushes, money has been siphoned off in many districts of Bihar. A long legal battle ensued and Lalu was finally convicted in the fodder scam. At present, Lalu Yadav is serving a sentence in the fodder scam.

Story of ‘Jungle Raj’ (Murder and Robbery)

When the fodder scam was happening in Bihar, the names of Rabri Devi’s brothers Sadhu Yadav and Subhash Yadav also started making headlines. The dominance of Lalu’s two years was such that when Lalu’s daughters were married, new vehicles parked in the showrooms were picked up, industrialists-traders could not say anything even if they wanted to. In Bihar, even corporate companies and industries were scared in the name of Sadhu Yadav and Subhash Yadav.

Sadhu Yadav’s name also cropped up in the Shilpi Jain murder case. In 1999, the bodies of Shilpi Jain and Gautam Singh were found from the official quarters of Sadhu Yadav as MLA. In this case, when the CBI had asked Sadhu Yadav to conduct a DNA test, he refused.

The film ‘Gangajal’ made in Bollywood is based on this

In the year 2003, film director Prakash Jha made the film Gangajal about the politics and crime of Bihar. The villain character in this film was named Sadhu Yadav. Supporters of Sadhu Yadav had objected to naming the villain as Sadhu Yadav in the film, but the court rejected their objection. Sadhu Yadav dominated the reign of Didi and brother-in-law, he was recognized as Bahubali in Bihar. Sadhu Yadav has distance from Lalu family for the last many years.

Who used the word ‘Jungle Raj’ for the first time?

The era of Jungle Raj in Bihar is well remembered by the people of Bihar, but hardly anyone remembers how the word Jungle Raj was first used for Bihar. In fact, on August 5, 1997, during the hearing of a petition, the Patna High Court called Bihar Jungle Raj for the first time. The High Court said, ‘There is no government in Bihar. Jungle Raj has been established in Bihar.

Story of Jungle Raj of Dabang MLA Anant Singh

Anant Singh is an MLA from Mokama in Bihar. People in Mokama also know him by the name of Chhote Sarkar: Anant Singh’s domineering image is known to the whole of Bihar. In 2007, Anant Singh was accused of raping and murdering a woman. Apart from this, Anant Singh has also been accused of beating a journalist and taking him hostage. Last year, many weapons including AK-47 and bombs were found from Anant Singh’s house. Anant Singh was absconding for several days to avoid arrest, but later he had to surrender. In this case, Anant Singh is in jail. This time he fought the Legislative Assembly elections from jail and won.

That period of Jungle Raj in Bihar did a lot of damage to both the image and progress of Bihar. Bihar has managed to come out of that bad phase under Nitish Kumar’s 15 years of good governance. Let us tell you how there was jungle raj during the rule of Lalu family, which got reduced under good governance of Nitish Kumar.
Naxalite attacks decreased

Naxalite attacks used to happen in many districts under Lalu Raj. Naxal attacks have come down in Nitish’s 15 years. Now Naxalite violence has reduced a lot in Bihar.

Decline in incidents of bloody ethnic conflict

Bloody ethnic clash between Ranvir Sena and MCC in Bihar

The bloody caste conflicts ended in the 15 years of Nitish Kumar.

Booth capturing incidents stopped

Bihar was also infamous for booth capturing during elections, incidents of booth capturing stopped during Nitish Kumar’s reign.