Ukraine first loosed into ties from the Russian Empire when it collapsed.

Dr Starky from his study of history that the characterising of President Putin as a pariah and Hitler displays ignorance and the hight of stupidity.

This has been evident in the words of President Biden and of some of the British leadership. Ukraine first loosed into ties from the Russian Empire whn it collapsed. The Central Powers in 1918 recognised its independence as a partner to fight off the Communist takeover of the Russian Empire.

Ukraine then became identified with the White Army which fought the Red Army of the USSR. The Russian communists allowed Poland to be carved out of the Russian Empire (and also Austo-Hungarain Empire).

One consideration that weighed with the European powers was to exclude Russia from Central Europe to contain a powerful Russia.

No such question then arose for Ukraine with the Entente Powers establishing the rights of countries to self-determination. It was eventually absorbed into Communist Russia.

It suffered miserably as also much of the USSR. Europe characterized is a myth created by the security guarantee of America as Dr Starky reminds his listeners. 

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When European and American leaders beat their chests as champions of freedom and democracy should not forget the price in many millions dead of the wars. Their victory was delivered by force of arms.

Dr Starky reminds us that their martial spirit has atrophied and substituded the myths for needs for being properly armed for war.

Neither Europe or America are well prepared to face war. They have fallen behined the arms race to China and Russia. Europe and America have been so drunk in their sense of superioirity that they treated Russia’s concerns over the course of many with derision and contempt.

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The world wars happened despite the best efforts of very great men. The one man who stands out is Edward Grey who as Foreign Secretary was instrumental in preventing war in 1912 with his Europe concert policy.

The leaders of Europe and America have behaved irresponsibly. They are leaving no path in the relief of a very dangerous situation in the world today.

They have been instrumental in pain and suffering of Ukraine today. There is only path to make progress to the path of peace. That is to listen to the concerns of Russia