Exclusive: Bajrang Punia returned Padmashree, Shocking announcement on x

Exclusive: Bajrang Punia returned Padmashree, Shocking announcement on x After Sakshi’s retirement

Bajrang Punia returned Padmashree, made a big announcement on social media. After Sakshi’s retirement, wrestler Bajrang Punia posted on X

Indian wrestling player Bajrang Punia has also issued a big statement on social media along with announcing the return of his Padma Shri award in protest against the new President of the Indian Wrestling Association.

Since the announcement of Sanjay Singh’s name as the new President of the Indian Wrestling Federation, many Indian wrestling players have been seen continuously opposing him, in which Sakshi Malik was the first to surprise everyone by announcing her retirement from wrestling. Was.

Meanwhile, Olympic medalist Bajrang Punia has also announced to return his Padma Shri award, in which he has also issued a long statement on the social media platform Twitter.

Olympic medalist wrestler Sakshi Malik has retired from wrestling. After this, reactions of many people are coming forward. After Sakshi’s retirement, wrestler Bajrang Punia posted on Instagram saying that I am returning my Padma Shri award to the Prime Minister. This is just my letter to say. This is my statement.

This is my letter just to say Bajrang Punia

In the statement issued on social media by wrestler Bajrang Punia after returning his Padma Shri award, he wrote that I am returning my Padma Shri award to Prime Minister Jeet, this is just my letter to say and this is my statement. Bajrang wrote in his statement that Honorable Prime Minister, hope you will be healthy.

You will be busy serving the country. Amidst your busy schedule, I want to draw your attention to our wrestling. You must be aware that in the month of January this year, the women wrestlers of the country had made serious allegations of sexual harassment against Brij Bhushan Singh, who was in charge of the wrestling association. When those women wrestlers started their movement, I also joined it.

The agitating wrestlers returned to their homes in January when they were told by the government to take concrete action. But even after three months, when FIR was not registered against Brij Bhushan, we wrestlers again took to the streets in the month of April and protested so that Delhi Police should at least register an FIR against Brij Bhushan Singh.

But still things did not work out so we had to go to court and lodge an FIR. In January, the number of complaining women wrestlers was 19, which came down to 7 by April.

That is, in these 3 months, on the basis of his strength, Brij Bhushan Singh had defeated 12 women wrestlers in his fight for justice. The movement lasted for 40 days, during these 40 days one more woman wrestler retreated.

There was a lot of pressure on all of us, our protest site was vandalized and we were chased out of Delhi and we were banned from protesting. When this happened we had no idea what to do.

So we thought of shedding our medals in Ganga, when we went there, our coach Sahiban and the farmers did not allow us to do so. At the same time, a call came from one of your responsible ministers and we were asked to come back.

Sanjay Singh is considered to be from Brij Bhushan Singh’s camp.

For a long time, male and female wrestlers in the Indian Wrestling Federation had made many serious allegations against the previous president Brij Bhushan Singh and had also agitated against him. At the same time, Sanjay Singh, who has been appointed as the new President of the Wrestling Association, is also considered to be from the same camp as Brij Bhushan Singh and due to this, anger is being seen once again among the wrestlers.

We were assured every time

The wrestlers went to everyone, but were sent back only after giving assurances. We also tried to shed our medals in the Ganga. From there too we were pacified and sent back. Bajrang Punia told that they had also gone to the Home Minister.

He had also assured them that he would provide justice to the women wrestlers and expel Brij Bhushan, his family and his henchmen from the federation.

Brij Bhushan is claiming his dominance

Poonia said that Brij Bhushan has been elected again in the wrestling association elections held on December 21. He has given a statement that he has dominance and will remain dominant. Brij Bhushan is claiming his dominance. Under this mental pressure, Sakshi Malik, the only Olympic winning female wrestler, retired from wrestling.

We all spent the night crying

Poonia said that we all spent the night crying. Don’t understand where to go, what to do and how to live. The government and the people gave me so much respect. Should I continue to suffocate under the burden of this respect? I was awarded Padmashree. Also honored with Khel Ratna and Arjun Award, I am returning this honor to you.

The game for which women players were respected has been abandoned today. We respectable wrestlers can’t do anything. I will not be able to live my life with respect after insulting women wrestlers. Such a life will torment me all my life. That’s why I am returning this honor to you. Went. Was very happy, but today I am sad.

Bajrang Punia

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