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Jansatta Dal got flooded in SP stampede

Jansatta Dal candidate engaged in door to door public relations said that my election belongs to all of you respected people, there is no candidate like me, easy accessible and dedicated servant.

In the night, the new youths who had come to attend the wedding ceremony of a famous doctor gave a warm welcome in the town.

Bharwari Kaushambi Samajwadi Party’s national general secretary, former MP Shailendra Kumar of the old Samajwadi Party. He is a leader, that is why he has deep penetration in the Samajwadi Party, he has broken into the Samajwadi Party,.

which has caused a stampede in the Samajwadi Party and the leaders of the Samajwadi are constantly joining the Jansatta Party in the Municipal Council of Bharwari on Thursday night of the Jansatta Dal. Candidate Anil Kumar Kesharwani approached the respected public of Bharwari door to door and sought blessings.

On this occasion, youths of all parties welcomed them by wearing garlands and flowers. During the welcome, Kesharwani united everyone and promised to win his brother with the largest votes, let us tell you that Raghu Raj Pratap Singh alias Raja Bhaiyya By appointing Anil Kesharwani, a resident of Chail, from Jansatta Dal Party, the equation of all the parties has worsened, due to which the restlessness has increased in other parties. The people of Vaishya Samaj have united in his favor.

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Candidate Anil says that simple, easy-going and trusting, hard working honest brother like me will be found standing on every occasion of your happiness and sorrow, he said that I assure all of you that I am from Vaishya Samaj and I can understand that Vaishya Samaj Till date, all the parties have worked to deceive and harass Jansatta Dal is the only party.

on which Raghu Raj Pratap Singh alias Raja Bhaiya has fielded a Vaishya candidate in Chail, whose strength is the people of Chail. He had come to attend the marriage ceremony of the son of Bharwari’s famous doctor OP Gupta,.

where the youth of all the parties of the town welcomed them by wearing flower garlands at night and visited the city, meanwhile Anil you struggle, Vaishya Samaj is with you. Hundreds of people including Ajay Kesharwani alias Pappu Batasa Harshit Naga Anshu Hazari Manoj Kumar Rakesh Arora Atin Kesharwani Babbu Agarwal Shashank Kesharwani Sharad Kesharwani Mintu Sariya Shri Kishan Radhe Kishan Narendra Kesharwani Sanjay Kesharwani Vipin Kesharwani Ashok Gulati were present on the occasion.