India vs Pakistan, Asia Cup 2022: Whether India lost due to betting

India vs Pakistan, Asia Cup 2022 Super 4 Highlights:

Pakistan managed an exceptional chase to get India back in the second of a possible three-match match between the two traditional rivals in the 2022 Asia Cup. Virat Kohli’s 60 off 44 balls and Fakhar Zaman’s two misfields in the end took India to 181/7. With Pakistan firmly on the backfoot in the first half, India dismissed skipper Babar Azam and Fakhar before they could do too much damage. However, Mohammad Nawaz and Mohammad Rizwan changed the course of the game with a partnership of 73 runs in just 41 balls. Asif Ali almost took Pakistan home after Arshdeep Singh dropped a doli from him. However, Arshdeep dismissed him with only two balls to spare and Pakistan still needed two runs to win. After this Pakistan ran vigorously and took two runs off the next ball to win the match by five wickets.

Some time back in an English National Daily, a member of Justice Mukul Mudgal’s team investigating IPL fixing and police officer BB Mishra claimed that a senior star player of the 2011 World Cup winning team was in constant touch with bookies. was. The conversation of both was also taped, but due to lack of voice sample, the investigation could not proceed. This thing refreshed the IPL spot-fixing case five years ago.

What is spot fixing?

Earlier the entire match ie results were fixed, but now it is not so. Now only spot and fancy fixing gets the job done. According to a bookie from East Delhi, there is no need to fix matches anymore, spot-fixing earns a lot of money. Spot fixing means fixing a particular part of the match. On the other hand, fancy fixing is very popular in Punjab. In this, how many runs will be scored on each ball of the match, which batsman will score how many runs, how many runs will be scored in the whole innings, all these are betting.
How does the betting business work?

With the advent of new means of communication, betting and match-fixing have become such a big business that it cannot be imagined. Its network is very wide. Cities like Karachi, Johannesburg and London are its main strongholds. In the 80s and 90s, when the one-day cricket events started in Sharjah, it got more wings.
There is a lot of speculation during cricket matches in India.

how rates are decided

Cricket betting in India is illegal. Its rates are fixed in Dubai or Pakistan. From there, the rate information is transmitted to the bookies of the Indian subcontinent and people associated with the business in other places. These rates reach Mumbai first. Then from there to the big bookies and then from there to the small bookies. If considering a team as a favorite, its rate comes to 80-83, then it means that for putting 80 on the favorite team, you will get one lakh rupees. One lakh can be won by putting 83 thousand on the other team. But if the team on which the bet has been placed, if it loses, then all the money invested will be lost. The rates of the teams also keep changing as the match progresses.

How does this ‘game’ work?

The person who puts money on betting is called a punter. At the same time, the local operator of betting is called bookie. Code words are used in betting games. Betting punters use two words Khaya and Laga. That is, if a team is considered a favorite, then the bet placed on it is called placed. In such a situation, if you want to bet on the other team, then it is called food.

India vs Pakistan, Asia Cup 2022:  India lost due to betting

In cricket betting, a device is used to know the condition of every moment, which is called a box.
what is betting box

The instrument in which these rates come is called a box in the world of betting. It is actually a tool of communication. Which runs through telephone line or mobile. Betting rates come on this box. Line itself has a business of crores, billions in the entire Indian subcontinent. This box is usually with the bookies and the main bookies but punters can also take this connection. Instead, they have to pay its connection and rent. The connection of the compartment is with a special number, on dialing of which the commentary starts on that number.

what is the code word of rate

From the first ball of the match till the victory of the team, the prices fluctuate. One lakh is called one paisa, 50 thousand is called eighteen, 25 thousand is called chavanni. Feelings go up and down till victory. One lakh is called one paisa, 50 thousand is called eighteen, 25 thousand is called chavanni. If someone has placed a bet and wants to reduce it, the agent has to call and say ‘Maine chawni khali li’.

Where are the code words decided?

In betting of crores, bets are made on every ball through the bookies code word. Surprisingly, this code name is not from Hindustan, but from where the betting line starts, these code names are named. Yes, these codes are kept in Dubai and Karachi. All this game of code words is done to escape from the crime branch of Mumbai Police.

The betting rate in every match is decided keeping in mind the records, wickets, weather of the teams.

How much betting on every match of IPL

Four years ago, it was believed that every big cricket match in India has a turnover of about three billion dollars (three hundred crore rupees). Similar is the case with Pakistan. A league like IPL has become a favorite for bookies and fixers due to its character and format of the game. It is estimated that every IPL match is worth about 1.5 billion dollars (one hundred and fifty crore rupees).

There is taboo. At the same time, the net of bookies is also being told in Pakistan’s Pakistan Super League.

Essential Conditions of Leasing

Betting in a cricket match is not done blindly. Both bookies and punters also see between which two teams the match will be played before placing and opening the quote. Not only this, where will the match be played, what type of pitch will be, what will be the temperature there and who will be the players in the team. After knowing all this, the betting price in a match is decided.

Betting is different from fixing

Many people think that betting is closely related to match-fixing, but betting and fixing are two different things.

Illegal betting and fixing business in sports

Those three names were exposed in a CBI seminar about five years ago. Those who sit in Asia and carry out illegal betting and fixing of sports all over the world. These are the people who created the big business of betting and gambling all over the world. It runs in such a systematic way that it can’t even imagine. The big business of sports betting and gambling has also taken root in Asia in an organized and structural manner. In 2014, sports betting was estimated to be worth $3.8 million.

These three names are sports betting giants

The names of three or four people whose name emerges in the big mafia of this business are Perumal, Sentia and Kurusami. Police, Interpol are looking for them. But she can’t even reach them. Illegal fixing and betting of sports is not as small and local as we think, but much bigger and more organized.