No More War !

Looking around for the past 5-6 days, the battle scene between the two countries is harsh with cadavers laying all rounds. I can hardly see from the River Banks of Kalelekol, for since that smoke blinds my eyes. The photos warming the interneton, the feelings I have for the poor Africans , scar me for life. This is the place of death, and I try hard to keep hope that war may evade.

Since time immemorial, at around 19th Century, in the wake of Euromadian, the Russian federation invaded Ukraine as a result of  disagreement between Putin’s decision of allowing the Russian troops to ensure proper conditions for the people of Crimea to be able to express themselves, whilst Ukraine and other nations arguing about this.

History has it; Ukraine and Russia have been in conflicts before.

 Most recently, Russia annexed the Ukraine Peninsula, Crimea. 

Life in the two countries as per now is a privilege that is hard to come by.

Russia does now want Ukraine joining NATO.  NATO, is the{ North Atlantic Treaty Organization}. And right now it has almost 30 members. United States of America, Canada, Netherlands among others.

The main objective of this organization is to keep peace and make sure no member of this alliance gets invaded by an international military force.

 Now as it is, Ukraine is not a member of NATO.  To Putin’s unexpectation, Ukraine  has picked up the interest in joining the organisation.

 That decision does not sit well with the Russian president, Vladimir Putin.

 He is already a little freaked out, that NATO is training Ukrainian Troops and some members are supplying its army with weapons. It wants NATO out of Europe, completely.

  And even though Russia isn’t a member of NATO, to make decision on such things, with one of the most powerful militaries in the world, Russia might feel like it can play by its own rules, that is by war.

 He has promised to the Russians and heaven that this will not go as they wish with a defence budget of 42 Billion Dollars. Russia puts a lot of love and money into its military. No other country in the world has this many.

Why would Russians do this way?

Why did the Ukraines decide to take this path ?

Either way, I would stand for peace in the two countries.