Corona Guidelines for International Arrivals -Indian Government

(in supersession of all guidelines issued on the subject on and after 20 January 2022)


The global and Indian growth trajectory of COVID-19 pandemic continues with regional variations. The

need to monitor the continuously changing nature of virus and evolution of SARS-CoV-2 variants of

concern (VOCs) thus, must still remain in focus. The extant guidelines for international arrivals in India

continue being formulated taking a risk-based approach. While monitoring the nature and spread of

infection in the country and across the globe, cognizance is also given to the fact that economic

activities need to be taken up in an unhindered manner.


This document provides protocols to be complied by international travellers as well as those to be

followed by airlines and all points of entry (airports, seaports and land border).

This Standard Operating Procedure shall be valid w.e.f. 14th February 2022 (00.01 Hrs IST) till further

orders. Based on the risk assessment, this document shall be reviewed from time to time.

A.1. Planning for Travel

  1. All travellers should
  2. Submit complete and factual information in self-declaration form on the online Air

Suvidha portal (

before the scheduled travel, including last 14 days travel details.

  1. Upload a negative COVID-19 RT-PCR report* (The test should have been conducted

within 72 hrs prior to undertaking the journey)


Certificate of completing full primary vaccination schedule of COVID-19


  1. Each passenger shall also submit a declaration with respect to authenticity of the

report and will be liable for criminal prosecution, if found otherwise.

  1. They should also give an undertaking on the portal or otherwise to Ministry of Civil Aviation,

Government of India, through concerned airlines before they are allowed to undertake the

journey that they would abide by the decision of the appropriate government authority any

post arrival requirement to undergo home/institutional quarantine/ self-health monitoring,

as warranted.

A.2. Before Boarding

iii. Do’s and Don’ts shall be provided along with ticket to the travellers by the airlines/agencies


  1. Airlines to allow boarding by only those passengers who have filled in all the information in

the Self Declaration Form on the Air Suvidha portal and uploaded the negative RT-PCR test

report or Covid -19 vaccination certificate of having completed the primary vaccination


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  1. At the time of boarding the flight, only asymptomatic travellers will be allowed to board after

thermal screening.

  1. All passengers shall be advised to download Aarogya Setu app on their mobile devices.

A.3. During Travel

vii. In-flight announcement about COVID-19 including precautionary measures to be followed

shall be made at airports and in flights and during transit.

viii. During in-flight crew shall ensure that COVID appropriate behaviour is followed at all times.

  1. If any passenger reports symptoms of COVID-19 during flight, he/she shall be isolated as per


  1. Proper in-flight announcements should be made by the airlines regarding the testing

requirements and people who need to undergo such testing to avoid any congestion at the

arrival airports.

A.4. On arrival

  1. De-boarding should be done ensuring physical distancing.

xii. Thermal screening would be carried out in respect of all the passengers by the health officials

present at the airport. The self-declaration form filled online shall be shown to the airport

health staff.

xiii. The passengers found to be symptomatic during screening shall be immediately isolated and

taken to medical facility as per health protocol. If tested positive, their contacts shall be

identified and managed as per laid down protocol#.

xiv. The following protocol post arrival shall also be followed

  1. A sub-section (2% of the total passengers in the flight) shall undergo random post-

arrival testing at the airport on arrival.

  1. Such travellers in each flight shall be identified by the concerned airlines (preferably

from different countries). They will submit the samples and shall be allowed to leave

the airport.

  1. If such travellers are tested positive, their samples should be further sent for genomic

testing at INSACOG laboratory network.

  1. They shall be treated/isolated as per laid down standard protocol.
  2. All travellers will self-monitor their health for next 14 days of arrival.

xvi. If travellers under self-health monitoring, develop signs and symptoms suggestive of COVID-

19, they will immediately self-isolate and report to their nearest health facility or call National

helpline number (1075)/ State Helpline Number.

International travellers arriving at seaports/land ports

xvii. International travellers arriving through seaports/land ports will also have to undergo the

same protocol as above, except that facility for online registration is not available for such

passengers currently.

xviii. Such travellers shall submit the self-declaration form to the concerned authorities of

Government of India at seaports/land ports on arrival.

* Children under 5 years of age are exempted from both pre- and post-arrival testing. However, if

found symptomatic for COVID-19 on arrival or during the period of self-monitoring period, they shall

undergo testing and treated as per laid down protocol.

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** There are Countries which have agreement with India on mutual recognition of vaccination

certificates of Nationally recognised or WHO recognised vaccines. Similarly, there are Countries which

presently do not have such an agreement with India, but they exempt Indian citizens fully vaccinated

with Nationally recognised or WHO recognised vaccines. On the basis of reciprocity, the travellers

from only such Countries which provide quarantine-free entry to Indians will be allowed for relaxation

under Certificate of completing full primary vaccination schedule of COVID-19 vaccination. The listing

of such Countries is available on website of Ministry of Health & Family Welfare ( and

the link of the same will be available at website of Ministry of External Affairs and Air Suvidha Portal.

This is also a dynamic list and will be updated from time to time. The travellers from such countries

only are considered for allowing entry based on vaccination certificate & shall upload their fully

vaccinate certificate on the Air Suvidha portal.

# Contacts of the suspect case are the co-passengers seated in the same row, 3 rows in front and 3

rows behind along with identified Cabin Crew.

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