A family of dwarves, let down by our laughs and taunts!

Do you remember the circus? If anyone remembers, those people who have lived their childhood in the 80-90s. Well, we are reminding us of the circus because the funniest jokes were what seemed to be the most entertaining there. Remember how little clowns used to come and laugh at us? Their faces were dyed, so hardly anyone remembers their real face, if they remember anything, then just that different stature!

But just imagine how unhappy these short, dwarf clowns will be in their personal lives where people are unhappy with even a height of 5 feet? How many dwarves have we seen around us doing ordinary things? Have you ever seen a dwarf employee running fingers on a laptop in a multinational company? Or a businessman who is a dwarf?

If the dwarves are seen, then simply juggling in the circus or on the pavement and there are some lucky ones like Lilliput, who got work in films, but that too because of their stature. Actually talking about dwarfs is necessary because a Hyderabad family is very disappointed because of our thinking! He is disappointed because the whole family is a dwarf and due to dwarfism he becomes the laughing stock of people like us every day!

The old part of Hyderabad is Magar Ki Baoli .. but no one knows this place by this name. If you know, then by the name of the street of the dwarf. Because the family of Raja Ram Chauhan lives here. The family that has been a victim of dwarfism for the last three generations. There are 9 members alive in the family and all are dwarfs. Raja Ram says that this disease is going on since the time of my grandfather. It is called Achondroplasia in medical language.

Since it is genetic, its effect is visible in every new generation. The body parts are small, underdeveloped but all the people are mentally capable and have no problem. Nevertheless, because the dwarves have been living in this house for years, that area came to be called the street of the dwarves.

Raja Ram says in an interview that if someone tells the address of his house to anyone, then he says – he is a dwarf, only he has such a house. We all know what to do, because of our height, we are different from the common people.

Actually, there are a total of 21 members in Ram Raj’s entire family, out of which 18 members have this genetic disorder.

Ram Raj originally had seven sisters and four brothers. Out of those 11 people, 8 members were suffering from this genetic disorder. But many people including his elder brother Prithvi Raj have also died.
57-year-old Raja Ram has seven sisters and four brothers. Out of those 11 people, 9 members are suffering from this genetic disorder. His elder brother Prithvi Raj and some other members have died. Right now the brothers have children, and thus 9 dwarfs are still living in the family. If the entire clan is included, then it is a family of 21 people and there are 18 dwarfs in it.

Raja Ram is the head of the family, he says that God suddenly put this wrath on the family and see that we are going to suffer it. Even the doctors could not help in this.

Yamuna, the niece of Raja Ram, has completed her graduation. She knows the work of the account, applied for the job in many places but was rejected at the first sight as soon as she reached for the interview. The same problem is with the rest of the family members as well. Raja Ram says that I wanted to study, but children used to make jokes in school.. so did not feel like.

The head of this family, 52-year-old Ram Raj Chauhan, is affected by a genetic disorder, which is called Achondroplasia in medical parlance. That’s why they are dwarfs. All the people of this house are dwarves, due to which they have to become the object of mockery of the people. It even happens that no one even gives them work here. But still, in such difficult circumstances, this family is finding a new way to live for itself.

Then once typhoid happened and going to school stopped completely. Thought time is changing, people’s thinking is developing, so now children will not have to face all this, but it did not happen. With great difficulty, the children got admission in the school and then got the graduation done through private medium but no one got the job.

But how the family runs, then everyone does some work at their convenience. The women of the house sew the clothes. The nephew works as a delivery boy at people’s shops. Many people even give us work in the shop because seeing the dwarves, more customers will come to the shop. Apart from this, the whole family does the work of entertaining people in weddings and celebrations. They sit for hours as a statue in the wedding pandal. All these works earn money and the family is growing.

A family of which 9 members are the victims of dwarfism. Because of this they do not get work, they become characters of laughter

However, the lockdown increased the difficulties. Raja Ram says that people helped in some way by giving ration, otherwise we would have died of hunger. Now the people of the house just want that if some money helps, then somehow open a shop and our life goes on. After all, how long will effigies continue to be made in the marriages of others?

The problem of the family is not only dwarfism, but the physical problems associated with it are different. Due to low height, the bones of the body are not developed properly. Therefore, due to sitting in the same position for a long time, there is pain in the joints. Rajaram says that I have seen my grandfather and father, what kind of problems they have faced. Due to reduced height, the legs become weak and eventually it becomes difficult to walk.
Many family members are facing this problem from now on. Some people have also died with this pain.

The whole family is in a dilemma that if they are dwarfs then what is their fault in that? This is God’s gift which we have accepted. But people do not see our struggle. If you ever walk on the road, you get stuck in the crowd, it becomes difficult to get out.

Can’t sit in auto, rickshaw. When we go to the shop to get the goods, the man sitting at the counter cannot even see us. When we go to places like malls, parks, people keep staring at us. According to the Global Nutrition Report 2018, there are 466 million dwarf people in India. Raja Ram’s family is also a part of this list. That is, the dwarfs are not less in terms of population, but wherever they are they are victims of neglect.