Weight Gain Tips: Weight is very less and the body is lean, how to gain weight?

How to gain weight: A lean body can be a sign of being underweight. If you want to increase healthy weight, then some things have to be kept in mind.

It is necessary to be thin to stay fit, but being too thin is a sign of weakness. This problem is called being underweight. Such people often keep looking for the answer to the question that how can the weight be increased in a healthy way? About which functional nutritionist Mugdha Pradhan has given information.
If you are underweight and trying to put on weight, make sure that the weight gain is not in the form of fat, but in the form of muscle. Broadly speaking, you need 3 main things to build your muscles – protein, calories and muscle overload.

Try to aim for at least 1-1.5 grams of protein per kg of your target body weight. Also you need to make sure that you are getting good extra calories. On the one hand, it is essential to get the required protein and calories, while on the other hand, paying attention to the quality of your food is also extremely important.
Be sure to focus on whole unprocessed foods and avoid inflammatory foods like refined sugar and seed oils, gluten, corn, soy, and convenience foods with industrial additives. Pasture-raised animals are the best choice for dietary protein. Make sure you are getting enough nutrients.

By muscle overload, we mean working to increase muscle mass. When we push a muscle to its limits, it grows and becomes more powerful over and over again. We call this muscle hypertrophy. You need to focus on strength or resistance training. Build up your intensity gradually and start with compound moves. Avoid doing too much cardio as it can reduce your gains. Lastly, you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle to ensure that your metabolic health is in good shape. Get plenty of rest and sleep, get sunlight during the day, and avoid smoking and drinking.

Include potatoes in your regular diet. Potato contains carbohydrates and complex sugar which helps in gaining weight. For this, you can eat potatoes in any way, but try not to over-fry them.
Eating ghee will also increase your weight because it contains a good amount of saturated fats and calories. You can eat ghee by adding it to food or you can eat it by mixing it with sugar, but keep in mind that the amount of ghee should be limited.

Eat a handful of raisins daily throughout the day. By doing this your weight will increase rapidly. Apart from this, dividing raisins and figs in equal parts and eating them after soaking them overnight will also increase weight.
Eggs contain a lot of fat and calories and if consumed daily, weight will increase, but keep in mind that do not eat raw eggs even by mistake, it can cause serious health problems.

Eating bananas is the best way to gain weight. If you consume bananas daily, then your weight will definitely increase. Banana contains a lot of calories which not only gives energy to the body but also helps in gaining weight. You can eat banana with milk as well, apart from this, you can also take it by making a banana shake.
Almonds are also effective in increasing weight to a great extent. For this, soak 3-4 almonds in water overnight and drink the next day after grinding them in milk. Do this daily for a month, the effect will be visible.
Weight can also be increased with peanut butter. You can eat it any way, like by applying it on bread or with roti. Peanut butter not only contains high calories but also contains a lot of carbohydrates in it.

People do not associate sleep with weight gain and even if it is said that getting enough sleep leads to weight gain, then they will consider it as a joke, whereas it is true. When people will get enough sleep i.e. sleep for at least 8 hours then their body will get rest and when they get rest then whatever they eat will definitely show effect on their body.

Eating nuts such as peanuts or dry fruits with milk will also increase weight, but keep in mind that all this should be in a limited quantity. Lest it happen that in the process of gaining weight, you may develop more diseases in your body.

Apart from beans and legumes, eating kidney beans and pulses will also lead to weight gain. Lyma beans and soybeans are more effective in this, so it is important that you must eat them in some form or the other. Apart from carbohydrates and calories, beans also contain a lot of fiber and all these elements help in weight gain.
By drinking pomegranate juice daily, the weight increases rapidly.

If thin people eat dates with gram, they gain weight very quickly.

Eating raisins mixed with milk also increases weight. Apart from this, if honey is eaten mixed with walnuts, then thin people will become fat quickly.

Do not do these things to get fat

Many people eat junk food fiercely in order to gain weight, whereas this is not right. Don’t eat junk food at all. Apart from this, do not eat anything that cannot be digested.
Apart from this, many people also take medicines and protein supplements to increase obesity or to increase weight, but it is dangerous from the point of view of health. You will be able to gain weight with medicines, but after this, the problems that will arise in the future, the side effects that will result will not be good.

Pay attention –
gaining weight is not an easy taskThere is no and there is no fixed way. Obesity or underweight is genetic in some people, so if weight is not increasing even through these methods, do not force yourself and consult a doctor. It is sure that if the above-mentioned measures are done regularly, then it will definitely be beneficial.