Weight Control Tips: Eat chewed food and get rid of obesity along with indigestion, gas, acidity

Weight Control Tips: Eat chewed food and get rid of obesity along with indigestion, gas, acidity
New Delhi, Lifestyle Desk. Weight Control Tips: From childhood, we are taught to eat slowly by chewing. This habit keeps the whole body healthy along with keeping the digestive system healthy. This has also been confirmed in the recent research done by the scientists of Japan’s Waseda University. According to this research, increasing weight can also be controlled by chewing slowly.

Chewing food generally increases metabolic energy expenditure and increases intestinal activity. After eating food, the heat in the body increases. In the terminology of medical science, it is called DIT (Diet Induced Thermogenesis).
This is such an element, which is helpful in preventing weight gain. In the research, scientists found that people who ate slowly after chewing had an increase in DIT and their intestinal area was also having good blood circulation. Due to this, digestion process started happening properly in his body and it became easy for him to control his weight. So if you want to be more fit, then chew your food properly.

Nutritionist Dr. Aditi Sharma of Manipal Hospital, Ghaziabad says, ‘This research is absolutely correct. Saliva contains many such enzymes, which start digesting carbohydrates with food. Chewing food gives a feeling of fullness for a long time and the person avoids the habit of overeating. This also keeps the weight under control.
Chewing food thoroughly helps in absorption of maximum nutrition and energy.

Chewing food is also good for the health of the teeth. This gives good exercise to the teeth and mouth.

  • By chewing food, the chances of bacteria growing in the intestines are very less.,

  • Eating without chewing food properly invites these 11 problems, never make such a mistake

  • Public Relations Webdesk. We have been hearing since childhood that food should be chewed thoroughly. But with the changing times, we are forgetting this rule. Now the question is why is it necessary to chew food? Let us tell you that whatever you eat is directly related to your stomach and intestines. The whole process of digestion starts with chewing in the mouth. This is considered the first stage of digestion.
  • According to experts, when you chew food, it breaks down into small pieces. When saliva mixes with these small pieces, it is sent to the stomach for further processing. By chewing food well, your body feels the food and you also eat less. In such a situation, if the food is not chewed properly and we swallow the food quickly, it has a very bad effect on digestion.

  • Experts recommend chewing food 32 times before swallowing. Soft and watery foods require less chewing. Well, the purpose of chewing is to break your food into small pieces so that you can digest it properly. Experts say the 32-chew rule applies to many types of food. Usually a person does not need to chew much to consume soft things. At the same time, there are some food items, which a person has to chew 40 times.
  • They come in foods like almonds, cashews etc., whereas if you are consuming fruits like mango, watermelon, orange etc. then you have to chew food only 10 to 15 times. By chewing the food properly, the body gets the necessary nutrients and the digestion process remains healthy, due to which one gets rid of gas, burning sensation in the stomach, swelling in the stomach etc. If a person eats his food after chewing it well, then he can also keep the problem of obesity and accumulated fat away from himself.

  • don’t gobble down food in a hurry

  • When you don’t chew your food enough, the rest of your digestive system gets confused. Your body doesn’t produce enough of the enzymes it needs to break down your food. This can lead to digestive problems like bloating, diarrhoea, heartburn, cramps, irritability, malnutrition, indigestion, gas. In today’s article, we will tell about the same problems that what are the harms to health by not chewing food properly. Along with this, you will also know the benefits of chewing food properly. It is said that the work that has to be done by the teeth should not be put on the stomach, meaning if you chew the food properly then the work of the stomach will be easy and there will be no problem of gas.

  • Disadvantages of not chewing food properly?

  • If you do not chew the food properly then there may be digestive problems.
    Due to not chewing the food properly, the body does not get the necessary nutrients.
    Due to less chewing of food, a person can feel irritable.

  • When a person chews the food less, he may start getting sour belching.
  • Due to less chewing of food, a person may also have stomach irritation and gas problems.
    One of the reasons for swelling in the stomach is also less chewing of food.

  • Due to not chewing the food properly, a person may also have diarrhea problem.
    Due to such habits, skin related problems can also be a victim.
  • If a person chews his food less then he may also suffer from malnutrition.
    Nausea can also be a result of this habit.

  • Due to not chewing the food properly, a person may feel headache.
    Benefits of chewing food properly?

  • By chewing food properly, the food breaks down into many pieces and along with the saliva
  • Together it goes into the esophagus. The esophagus carries food to your stomach.
  • By chewing food, the digestive system prepares itself to digest the food.
  • One advantage of eating food after chewing it 32 times is that you can enjoy the taste of food for a long time.
  • Chewing food for a long time helps in absorbing more nutrients and energy.
  • The more times you chew your food, the more healthy weight you will be able to maintain.
  • Chewing food thoroughly is good for the health of your teeth. This gives exercise to the teeth.
  • By chewing food properly, the chances of bacteria growing in the intestines are very less.

  • Other Eating Tips

  • Water should be drunk 30 minutes before or after eating, but do not consume water while eating. This harms your digestive system.
    Coffee should not be drunk immediately after eating. This can lead to frequent urination due to rapid digestion.
    Sweets should not be consumed immediately after meals. Sweet foods are digested quickly, which causes gas and bloating.

  • Avoid exercising after meals.

  • Eat raw or slightly boiled vegetables. This is necessary for good digestion.
    AIIMS also gave health warning regarding chewing

  • Recently, a 50-year-old man has died while eating momos in Delhi. According to AIIMS, the man had swallowed the momos without chewing it, due to which he suffocated and died. AIIMS has issued a health warning regarding the danger of swallowing momos without chewing them.

  • AIIMS said that the medical examination of a 50-year-old man from Delhi, who died after eating momos, revealed that momo was stuck in his windpipe, due to which he died. The person died due to suffocation and neurogenic cardiac arrest after momos got stuck.

  • It was said in this advisory that momos are greasy and slippery. If one does not chew the momos properly and swallows it, it can lead to suffocation. That’s why always eat Momo after chewing it well.