Love marriage, cheating, rape and two bullets on the back: Painful story of Prayagraj’s nursing student

This is a painful story of 21 year old daughter of Ballia. She had come very close to love marriage, cheating, extreme oppression, rape and death. This whole story started with love marriage. After getting married, it came to know that the person whom she was mistaking for Anuj Pratap Singh, is Mohammad Alam. When the secret was revealed, the process of perpetrating the atrocities started.

The victim girl says that the brothers of my husband Mohammad Alam also raped her by injecting drugs. Video clipping made. When I wrote the case, he threatened to make the clip viral. Compromised under pressure, then got shot. 2 bullets hit the back, somehow life was saved. When she somehow got out of the clutches, she started getting open threats of throwing acid and killing her.

The victim also showed this mobile chat. In this, the victim claimed that Mohd. Alam threatened on WhatsApp. Said in it ‘ I will defame you so much that you will not be able to show your face anywhere. You just got shot, didn’t you? Now I will throw acid on you. Media, police administration, everything is mine. Within 3 days I will get you shot or I will get acid thrown on your face. You will not be able to do anything. ‘The victim girl student is 21 years old. This student, a resident of Ballia, was doing a nursing course in Prayagraj. The student’s father dies in 2021 during the Corona period. The student starts to be very upset. After this, he gets acquainted with Anuj Pratap Singh alias Sonu on the Clubhouse app. Chatting starts with her.

When Anuj learns that the girl student’s father has died recently, he starts showing a lot of sympathy to her. The conversation progresses and Anuj manages to win the girl student’s trust. After this, both of them got married in court on 24 February 2022. Three days after the marriage, when the marriage certificate is in the hands of the girl student, the ground slips under her feet. The one she was trusting more than herself, turned out to be Mohammad Alam and not Anuj Pratap Singh alias Sonu. It is from here that the assault on the student begins. When the student started protesting against it. Said that you have broken my trust. I can’t live with you, so he brutally beat her. Mobile taken away. Trapped in a room. Different types of tortures were given. Intoxicants were being injected.

Mohammad Alam started pressuring the student to sleep with his brothers. When he refused, he was beaten to death. In an inebriated condition, Alam’s maternal uncle’s boys and his own brother Noor Aalat got her raped one by one.

The girl somehow escaped from the clutches of the love-jihadists and reached the Colonelganj police station and lodged a complaint with the police. Colonelganj police wrote the report on 13 August 2022. In the report, the student accused her husband Mohammad Alam, her brother Noor Alam.

Threatened to kill mother-brother, said- will make nude video viral

After the report was filed, Alam called the student’s mother and threatened that if the report is not withdrawn, he will kill your mother, brother and you. We have the video of your physical relation with the brothers. Everyone will go viral. You will not be able to show your face anywhere.

If the medical is done and the statement is not given according to my mind in the court, then the whole family will be cleared. The student said, “After that she got very scared. To save the life of her widowed mother and only brother, she filed a statement in the court according to Mohammad Alam.

After giving a statement in favor, they took her to Kaushambi and shot her. When the student gave a statement according to her wish in the court, on October 11, 2022, she was taken to Kaushambi under planning. The girl student was shot at a deserted place. While running away, two bullets hit him in the back. Somehow she saves herself by hiding in a village located some distance away. By calling here, she calls the police.

It is the police who take him to Swaroop Rani Nehru Hospital and get him admitted. After this, on the complaint of the student, the Kokhraj police had made a report of the murderous attack against Mohammad Alam’s brother Noor Alam. Later, on the basis of the investigation and the statement of the girl student, her husband Mohammad Alam was also made an accused by the police.

On October 10, 2022, the medical examination of the girl student was done in police custody. After this, Mohammad Alam called the girl student’s mother and threatened that if both the cases are not withdrawn, then after killing your family, their dead bodies will be thrown in the gutter.

Now the life of the student is in danger, the police commissioner pleaded for her life

The threat to the life of the student has increased further. She is living separately with a room in the city. The student says that all these are criminal. They have tried to kill me by shooting me once. Anything can happen to me anytime. The student has written a letter to Prayagraj’s Police Commissioner Ramit Sharma pleading for justice.

Leelavathi Funeral: A large number of people bid last farewell to Leelavati, cremation will be done with state honors.