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Jaunpur relationship shamed: Daughter-in-law cut off father-in-law’s private part, was upset due to dirty antics

Jaunpur: The daughter-in-law, fed up with her father-in-law’s dirty antics, bit her ling (private part) with her teeth.

After which she has been admitted to the hospital in a serious condition. The case is of Jaunpur district of Uttar Pradesh.

The daughter-in-law carried out this incident at that time, when the father-in-law did not desist from molesting even after protesting.

Finding daughter-in-law alone, father-in-law started molesting (private part)

In a village under Mungarabadshahpur police station area of ​​the district, the daughter-in-law was upset due to the dirty habits of the father-in-law.

It is being told that the incident happened at 12 o’clock on Wednesday night. Only daughter-in-law and father-in-law live in the house.

Husband works in a company living in Gujarat. It is alleged that after finding the daughter-in-law alone at 12 o’clock, the father-in-law started molesting. To which the daughter-in-law protested, but the father-in-law did not agree.

Being tired of father-in-law’s force, the daughter-in-law bit her father-in-law’s genitals (private part) . Several times with her teeth. At this the father-in-law started sobbing and started shouting loudly.

When the people of the village gathered on hearing the voice, the daughter-in-law narrated the story of her father-in-law’s cruelty.

Meanwhile, someone informed the police about the incident. On getting information, police reached the spot and inquired about the incident.

hospitalized (private part)

The injured middle-aged was immediately admitted to the primary health center in the bleeding area. When his condition became critical, he was referred to the district hospital.

In this regard, Dr. Ram Vijay of the Primary Health Center, who was on night duty, said that the middle-aged penis and scrotum were badly damaged. Jaunpur was referred for better treatment.

He got the fruits of his lustful father-in-law’s actions by losing his private part. In an attempt to molest the daughter-in-law and commit rape, the daughter-in-law gave the father-in-law the fruits of her actions.

Even after the incident happened on Wednesday night in a village under Mungarabadshahpur police station area. The police is not aware of it. Expressing ignorance about this, the police has said that action will be taken on receiving the complaint.

In a village under Mungarabadshahpur police station area. The daughter-in-law taught a lesson to her father-in-law on Wednesday night. To save Aabru, he injured his father-in-law’s private part by cutting his teeth. He is undergoing treatment at the district hospital.

The police, who are unaware of the incident, say that action will be taken on receiving the complaint. However, according to the local people, the police went to the hospital.

With the father-in-law and got treatment done. At the same time, there was a lot of discussion about this incident in the area on Thursday.

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According to the woman, her husband lives abroad because of the need to earn a living. He alleges that the father-in-law had bad intentions since the marriage. He often made wrong gestures. He would often beat him up when he protested. At around 12 o’clock in the night, he entered her room and started trying to molest her.

When he could not see any other option to save Aabru, he bit the private part of father-in-law with her teeth. When injured, the father-in-law started crying in pain.

He started running out of the room. On raising the noise of the daughter-in-law, the neighbors gathered around her caught hold of her. The victim informed the people about the dirty act of father-in-law. Meanwhile, someone informed the police.

At the same time, after getting the information, the police took the person who was in pain to the PHC. Seeing the seriousness of the injury, the doctors referred him to the district hospital after first aid. According to Dr Ram Vijay of PHC, the wound is very deep.

On the other hand, SHO Sadanand Rai said that no such incident is in my notice. No one has given any complaint. On receipt of the complaint, investigation will be done and action will be taken.

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