Coronavirus : new variant of Covid-19, JN.1, red alert in the entire country, some special things before going out:Dr Aman Aditya Pandey

A case of new variant of Covid-19, JN.1, has come to light in Kerala. After which the health officials there have expressed concern about this.

One case of new variant of Covid-19 JN.1 has been reported in Kerala and one has died. After which the health officials there have expressed concern about this. According to the health officials there, if we want to avoid this new variant, then it is very important to follow the protocols made regarding Covid-19. Dr Aman Aditya Pandey said to media.

A new variant of SARS CoV2 was first found in America in September and later 11 variants of this variant were found in different countries of the world. In the latest update from the December 8 CDC statement, JN.1 covers an estimated 15-29% of cases in the United States. This is the fastest growing variant in the United States.

J.N. New variant of has been found in Kerala

The first case of JN.1 variant has been found in Kerala, India. A lot is being said about this new variant JN.1. The way JN.1 is spreading suggests that it is either very contagious or it can be avoided if we strengthen our immunity. According to the news published in India TV, there is a slight change especially in the spike protein between the previous strain BA.2.86 and JN.1 and hence the vaccines that work on BA. .2.86 should work on JN.1 as well.

This observation is a big relief for the public to understand and not panic about the new variant JN.1. Due to Corona, the number of respiratory diseases has increased across the world. This includes Covid-19, flu, rhinovirus, mycoplasma pneumonia and other SARS-CoV-2.

Know its symptoms by Dr Aman Aditya Pandey

Are JN.1 variants different from the rest of Corona?

There are many variants of COVID-19 but its symptoms are common.

The most serious thing is that Covid attacks human immunity.

How We can Safe us

Must get vaccinated for SARS-CoV 2

Be sure to follow social distancing

get influenza vaccine

To maintain the health of the lungs, take measures to prevent cold.

Symptoms of new variants of Covid

respiratory problems

mild fever


nasal congestion

sore throat

running nose


upset stomach


How to avoid new variants of Covid

Vaccine can be useful in this variant also. Just remember that vaccines that target the spike protein of the virus should also prove effective against JN.1 and BA.2.86.

Be sure to wear a mask before going out

use sanitizer

wash hands from time to time.

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