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Prayagraj Exclusive; Bakshi Dam ROB started, relief to city north from the problem of jam

Bakshi Dam ROB:Due to closure of railway crossing at Bakshi Dam in Prayagraj every half hour, people will no longer waste their time nor will they have to face traffic jams.

The reason for this is that the work of Bakshi Dam ROB, which was pending in the base for a long time, has been completed and it has been opened for the arrival of small vehicles. From Tuesday, the movement of big vehicles will also start on it.

With this, the people living nearby including Baghada, Salori, Ellenganj, Daraganj will get relief from the problem of traffic jam. The construction work of the 869.27 meter long bridge was started on November 10. It was to be completed by December 20, but two days earlier. The bridge corporation itself completed the construction of the bridge.

With the opening of this bridge, one has got relief from the daily hassle of closure of the railway gate near Bakshi Dam. Apart from this, to make the bridge attractive, all its 40 pillars have been rebuilt. But attractive tricolor colored lights are being installed.

Other finishing work including service lane of ROB will be completed on Tuesday. After this it will be opened for the movement of heavy vehicles.

Let us tell you that the railway overbridge on Bakshi Dam was approved in the year 2013. The target was to complete it before the Kumbh of the year 2019, but it could not be completed in the short time. The work started in November 2020 due to the delay. The cost of the bridge is Rs 21.17 crore. Rupees increased.

At present, the opening of the bridge will be of great help in controlling the crowd coming from outside the city during Magh Mela and Mahakumbh 2025.

Correspondent Rakesh Pandey visited this bridge. The bridge was decorated with attractive tricolor lights.

And let us tell you that this video is available to you which you can watch below, the appearance of the bridge looks very beautiful, and it looks very beautiful even during the day.

With the completion of the construction of the bridge, people have got relief from the problem of traffic jam. Local people say that this bridge will prove to be a boon for them.

At the same time, many people were seen praising the Bharatiya Janata Party government and said that since the arrival of BJP, the development work has kept pace.

However, some people also appeared angry because the BJP government has increased the number of family members to get Ayushman card made to six or more than six. But most of the Hindu families have only two or three or maximum 4 members.

Because of this, Hindu families are less able to get the benefit of Ayushman Card. Due to being a small family, their Ayushman Card is not being made.

In this direction, many people said that Bharatiya Janata Party should pay attention to who is their core voter and the number of family members should be reduced for Ayushman card.

Many trains pass near Bakshi Bandh ROB, due to which people have to face a lot of problems due to the railway line and the gate being closed.

Due to the railway crossing, many patients face inconvenience in being transported in their ambulance due to traffic jam. Despite being directly adjacent to Kamla Nehru Hospital, people are not able to avail the benefits of Kamla Nehru Hospital.

Children’s Hospital is also very close to Bakshi Dam, but still people are not able to avail its benefits because due to traffic jam, patients have to travel long distances.

This will also provide relief to the people, however, due to the construction of ROB, it will be very convenient for the passengers coming to Kumbh. Those passengers who want to go towards Sangam from outside, due to the presence of ROB, they will reach Sangam immediately and will not have to face the problem of traffic jam. They will also get relief.

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