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Suspicious death of Nirbhaya Dwivedi (Name Changed) after rape by Arjun Yadav – daughter’s allegation

Kanpur: Suspicious death of Nirbhaya Dwivedi (Name Changed) after rape by Arjun Yadav. The daughter accused Arjun Yadav, Rohit Yadav and Rinku Yadav of rape and murder. The girl told that her mother’s private part was also attacked with a knife.

More than 12 of his bones were found broken. There were no clothes on the female body. Look at the wall where many blood stains can be seen. Heartbreaking case of Kanpur.

Death of Brahmin woman in Kakadev Mandi in Kanpur and there is confusion in the police story.

First let us tell you what is the police story.

The police have said that the police theory in the case of the death of the warden in the girls hostel in Kakadev seems to be very weak and confusing, sometimes the police say that the woman’s condition worsened due to excessive drinking, while sometimes they say that the woman He already had the problem of bleeding and had faced such a condition once before.

Kakadev police station in-charge Manvendra Singh says that earlier the family had got her treated at home, that is when she got into such a condition, on Monday also her health deteriorated and in confusion, the woman took off her clothes and lay down in front of the cooler.

The police officer is assuming that due to intoxication she could not go to the hospital, hence she took off her clothes in the room itself and lay down on the bed.

That is, police officials say that the woman was addicted to drugs, she herself took off her clothes and lay down on the bed. He had a building problem.

Let us now tell you that the police’s story is based on the work of a quack. The police say that the woman’s condition worsened due to drinking alcohol. But according to the hostel owner, the woman was living in the hostel for two and a half years and the owner often came to meet her, but he never found her drunk.

The children of the deceased and the people of the hostel have also denied that the woman drank alcohol and the interesting thing is that the woman was of Brahmin caste. Brahmin women do not drink alcohol. It is a well-known fact, so there is a lot in the police story. Big bag.

The second loophole in the police story is that no matter how sick a woman is, how can she take off her clothes in front of a stranger.

Bag number 3 of the police story: What was the young man doing carrying tiffin in a room locked from inside?

The bag number four of the police story was that the young man who was with the woman had not done anything wrong so why did he run away.

Bag number 5 of the police story: Why didn’t the young man take the woman to the hospital when her health deteriorated?

Bag number 6 of the police story: Why did they delay in opening the door when the daughter and the pharmacist knocked on the door?

No satisfactory answer was given from inside and they asked why there was delay in opening the door and why did he run away as soon as the door opened.

Overall, the story of the police and the behavior of the police officer seems to be a mess.

So will the Brahmin woman not get justice because the police has already accepted that the woman was in a state of intoxication, she herself took off her clothes, lay down on her own and died herself.

Now coming to the whole matter, the warden living on the third floor of the private girls hostel of Kakadev Coaching Mandi in Kanpur was found naked in a bleeding condition in the room on Monday evening.

He was admitted to Hallett Hospital, where he died late in the night. The police, after putting a lot of pressure on the youth, who took the tiffin from the warden present in the room at the time of the incident, interrogated five people, including his father, brother and his friend. Took up the.

Late night, on the complaint of the woman’s brother and on the pressure of the people and the advocacy of the upper caste army chief Sarvesh Pandey, a case of murder was registered with the police against the young man carrying the tiffin, because the public pressure was so strong that the police or the theory would have failed. When she was seen, the police got scared and registered a case of murder.

And let us tell you that the warden’s daughter has also told that according to the warden’s daughter, at the time of the incident, she had gone to get milk, when she returned after quarter of an hour, the door of the room was locked from inside.

Then, when the door did not open even after knocking, he called a young woman, a pharmacist from Gorakhpur, who lived on the ground floor of the hostel, and both of them started knocking on the door. Meanwhile, a young man from inside, resident of Maswanpur, opened the gate and ran away.

According to the daughter, the mother was lying naked. There was blood spread on the bed. There were blood splatters on the nearby walls. There were blood marks on the accused’s shirt and pants too. Mother’s clothes were lying at the side of the room.

After informing her brother about the incident, she took her mother to a private hospital from where she was sent to Hallet where she was declared dead late in the night. The daughter told that there were injury marks under the mother’s eyes and on her face. Blood was also flowing from his private parts.

According to the daughter, along with looking after the hostel, the mother also used to prepare tiffins. The young man who ran away from the room used to take 12 tiffins from home every day for supplies. The daughter of the same deceased woman says that her mother was murdered after being raped. There were injury marks on the mother’s eyes, forehead, cheeks and neck. There were injury marks on the neck as well. It appears that she was strangled.

The daughter told that the accused had come home with four people including his brother and friend, the mother fed her Diwali sweets. After that the young man sent her to get milk. The friend of the accused went with him. The friend had come back when the shop was closed and then went away.

When she returned home, the door of the room was closed, she knocked on the door but the accused said from inside that your mother is sleeping, she is not feeling well, wait for 10 minutes, after a long time he opened the door and ran away from the spot.