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CM Yogi Adityanath’s strong attack on corruption-

IAS, IPS and their families will have to give details of assets every year along with ministers

Lucknow. This order of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath is being described as a big step. Not only this, the Chief Minister has also said that there will be no interference of the family in the work of the ministers. The Chief Minister has clearly said that the family’s interference in the work of the government will not be tolerated. He has also said that all the ministers in 18 mandals of UP will have to go to the door of the public. Timetable has also been prepared for this.
Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has issued a new directive, taking forward his zero tolerance policy against corruption.

Now ministers as well as IAS and IPS officers, their wives and family members will have to give details of their assets.

In order to eliminate the evil corruption in the system, the Chief Minister has ordered that now every year all the ministers will give details of their assets. As well as IAS and IPS officers. His family members will also give information about the increase in his movable and immovable property every year.

This order of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath is being described as a big step. Not only this, the Chief Minister has also said that there will be no interference of the family in the work of the ministers. The interference of the family will not be tolerated. He has also said that in the 18 mandals of UP, all the ministers should be given to the public  Gotta go to the door. A timetable has also been prepared for this.

SP told mere drama

On this decision of the Chief Minister, Samajwadi Party spokesperson Fakhrul Hasan said that the government is pretending to be good governance. He said that even before this the central government had taken this decision. But did any minister, officer give details of his property? This is only BJP’s propaganda. Earlier also it was said that all MPs one village will adopt, did anyone take it?

BJP announces historic verdict

Describing this as a historic decision, former DGP of UP and BJP MP Brijlal said that it was already there for officers, but now ministers and their families should also do it. This will bring transparency in the system. Actually, this question was always there in the mind of the public that how does one’s wealth increase when someone becomes an MLA, MP or a minister. Same is the case with IAS and IPS officers as well as MP MLAs.

Chairman of Groups of Ministers constituted for state tour

Minister Arvind Sharma appointed in-charge of Ayodhya Mandal

1- Deputy Chief Minister Keshav Prasad Maurya- Agra Division
2- Deputy Chief Minister Brajesh Pathak – Varanasi Division
3- Surya Pratap Shahi – Meerut Division
4- Suresh Khanna – Lucknow Mandal
5- Swatantra Dev Singh – Moradabad Mandal
6- Baby Rani Maurya – Jhansi Mandal
7- Chaudhary Laxmi Narayan – Aligarh Mandal
8- Jaiveer Singh- Chitrakoot Dham Mandal< br>9- Dharampal Singh – Gorakhpur Mandal
10- Nandgopal Gupta ‘Nandi’- Bareilly
11- Bhupendra Singh- Mirzapur Mandal
12- Anil Rajbhar – Prayagraj Mandal
13- Jitin Prasad- Kanpur Mandal
14- Rakesh Sachan – Devipatan Mandal
15- Arvind Sharma- Ayodhya Mandal
16- Yogendra Upadhyay- Saharanpur Mandal
17- Ashish Patel- Basti Mandal
18- Sanjay Nishad – Azamgarh Circle

Property of conduct of public representatives is very important for a healthy democracy. According to this spirit, all the honorable ministers should make public declaration of all movable and immovable property of themselves and their family members within a period of next three months after taking oath. The code of conduct prescribed for the ministers should be followed scrupulously while ensuring that the provisions of the Representation of the People Act are strictly followed.

All public servants should make public declaration of all movable/immovable property of themselves and family members to IAS/PCS. This details should be made available on the online portal for the perusal of the public.

All ministers should ensure that their families are involved in official work.

that there should be no interference of the members. We have to set an example by our conduct.

Being aware of the organizational arrangement of all the departments in front of the Council of Ministers, with the introduction of the achievements of the department in the last 05 years, the next 100 days, 06 months, 01 year, 02 years and The presentation of the five-year action plan has been completed. Now is the time to make this action plan a reality. All the honorable ministers should guide the departmental officers.

Ensure quality and timeliness in projects. Under the guidance of the respected Prime Minister, all of us will have to mobilize our lives to fulfill the resolution of Antyodaya.

All honorable ministers guide the departmental officers

One ​​month has been completed since the formation of the government. Our future action plan has been prepared. Now “Government will reach the door of the people”. The work of the state visit of the Council of Ministers will have to be completed before the upcoming assembly session. 18 Groups of Ministers have been constituted in this regard.

The team of deputy chief ministers includes one minister of state each, the remaining three-member group of ministers has been formed. This 18 group will visit 18 mandals. This tour program will take place from Friday to Sunday. In the first phase, after visiting the state, the responsibility of other divisions will be given under the rotation system of the ministerial groups.

Each team will have to stay in a district for at least 24 hours during the three-day circle tour. Senior ministers leading the team should visit at least two districts. The remaining ministers should be given the responsibility of each district as per their convenience.

Group of Ministers will hold a divisional review meeting during the circle visit. Districts can be connected virtually. There must be participation of local public representatives in this.

During excursion program also meet with former public representatives/organisation/idea family members. Listen to their expectations, problems and suggestions. Try diagnosis. View departmental presentations at divisional review meetings.

Must do the program of Jan Choupal during the tour

Must do the program of Jan Choupal during the tour. Communicate directly with the public. Do surprise inspection of any one development block/tehsil. Keep a program of communion in the Dalit / slum. On site inspection of development works. Check the quality.

Meet the beneficiaries of public welfare schemes of the government. Reviewing law and order, see full details of women safety matters, prosecution status in SC/ST cases, police patrolling, child sex offences, businessmen’s problems, gangster action etc. Every member of the Group of Ministers will have to take night rest in a district only. Make sure to stay overnight in the government guest house only.

Each team will submit its tour report to the Chief Minister’s Office. The assessment report of the Group of Ministers will be discussed in the meeting of the Council of Ministers. Accordingly, more steps will be taken in public interest.

In the last five years under the guidance of respected Prime Minister, Team UP has presented a model of development and good governance according to the needs of the people. Now our competition is with us. We have to work for the overall development of the state by behaving according to the expectations of the people.

The allocation of work to MOS has been completed. It should be ensured that the Ministers of State must attend the departmental meetings.

Ministers/officers visiting other states/nations, after returning, will make a presentation before the Council of Ministers about their experiences/new information.

*All ministers will have to compulsorily stay in the capital on Monday and Tuesday. Make a program to be among the public in your constituency/districts of charge from Friday to Sunday.