Big Bazaar vouchers Thousands of crores of Big Bazaar vouchers have become garbage! Video Attached

Most of the stores in the hypermarket chain Big Bazaar are now occupied by Mukesh Ambani’s company Reliance Industries. Due to this, stores have been completely closed in many cities of the country. The question arises that what will happen to the vouchers worth crores of rupees of Big Bazaar now..

New Delhi: Most of the stores in Big Bazaar have been occupied by Mukesh Ambani’s company Reliance Industries. Big Bazaar operates Future Retail, a company of the heavily indebted Future Group. The closure of Big Bazaar stores in many cities of the country has added to the difficulties of customers who have vouchers of this hypermarket chain. Now they have no option to redeem the voucher. Many of these customers told our affiliate newspaper The Times of India that they had thousands of Big Bazaar vouchers lying around but were unable to use them.

Vipul Dulange, 30, said that he has Big Bazaar vouchers worth Rs 6,000 which are valid till December 2023. But once the stores go into the hands of Reliance, we cannot redeem them. The toll free number and email id given by the customer support of the company is not working. Big Bazaar should come up with some way for people who have such vouchers.

How many stores does the company have now?

Similarly Shivani Avalkanthe has Big Bazaar vouchers worth Rs 4,000. “When I inquired about this, a customer service representative said that he is getting many such mails daily and many files are pending. They can’t do anything till they get orders in this regard. A Future Retail spokesperson did not comment. A senior industry executive said the company is now left with only 30 Big Bazaar stores across the country. In this, customers can redeem their vouchers.

A source said that money against vouchers cannot be returned as the bank accounts of FRL are frozen. Usually companies buy vouchers and distribute them to their employees. At one time, the company used to earn about Rs 200 crore in the voucher business. Kishore Biyani’s company FRL is currently going through bankruptcy proceedings. Future Group had entered into a deal in 2020 to sell its retail business to Reliance but it was canceled recently. Prior to that in February, Reliance had captured more than 800 stores of Big Bazaar.