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Mirzapur News: Hanged upside down from a tree, peppered after beating, you will be shocked to see such brutality

Mirzapur news: Heart-wrenching video of beating, hanging upside down from a tree, goes viral, hand broken

Mirzapur news: (Reliable Media)The video of a young man being hanged upside down from a tree in Mirzapur and beaten after accusing him of phone theft is going viral on social media. The police have started taking action against four youths who were hanged upside down with a rope and beaten. The news of a young man’s hand being broken in the beating has come to light.

An incident has come to light from Mirzapur district of Uttar Pradesh which is shameful to humanity. Here a young man was hanged upside down from a tree on suspicion of theft. They were beaten brutally and then chilli was applied on the wounds. There is anger among the common people due to this cruelty. Based on the mother’s complaint, the police have registered a case against four. One accused has been arrested.

In Mahugadhi village of Halia block of Mirzapur, Jaishankar Bahelia was caught by local youths Rajesh Dharikar, Hansraj, Chhotu Dharikar, Rajesh Dharikar on suspicion of mobile theft and they tied him with ropes to a tree in front of the house and hanged him upside down and then Beaten severely. After this, chilli was also applied on his injuries. During this time a large crowd gathered there. The young man kept begging for his life but no one listened. The young man’s hand was also broken.

According to the police, a case has been registered and the matter is being investigated. An accused has been arrested in this case. Three others are being searched.

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